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Professional Team Building Training

At JN Software Consulting, our Team Building training classes come as a variety of 1-3 day courses. These classes will provide you with the techniques needed to identify and understand the qualities that will contribute to a solid team and to strong performance. You’ll learn how to build trust, communication, and morale, in order to forge a strong core for your organization. Learn how to manage performance and overcome problems, to maximize satisfaction and productivity.

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Building Better Teams

Designed for:
  • Those in a leadership position who would like to build teams that will contribute to a successful organization
  • Learn ways to develop team norms, ground rules, and team contracts.
  • Identify your team player style and how to use it with your own team.
  • Discuss techniques for building team trust.
  • Learn the stages of team development and how to help a team move through them.
  • Discover the critical role communication skills play in building and maintaining a team atmosphere.
  • Identify ways that team members can be involved and grow in a team setting.
Upcoming Classes:
  • February 25, 2021 9am to 4pm EST
  • August 26, 2021 9am to 4pm EDT
  • November 11, 2021 9am to 4pm EST
Team Building
Developing High Performance Teams

Designed for:
  • Team leaders and supervisors who want to build a high-functioning team that will achieve its goals and work well together
  • Build teamwork by recognizing and tapping into the twelve characteristics of an effective team.
  • Promote trust and rapport by exploring your team player style and how it impacts group dynamics.
  • Recognize the key elements that move a team from involvement to empowerment.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with team conflict and common problems.
  • Understand how action planning and analysis tools can help your team perform better.
Upcoming Classes:
No public classes are currently scheduled...
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With our Professional Team Building Training you can learn to...

  • Work Efficiently
    • Identify and tap into the characteristics of an effective team
    • Appreciate the different personality types and how to promote trust and understanding
    • Build open communication and trust by having dependable and helpful team players
  • Work Effectively
    • Recognize the stages of strong team development and how to move through them
    • Help your team progress from mere involvement to true empowerment
    • Build your team’s norms and establish meaningful ground rules
  • Work Brilliantly
    • Work with action planning and analysis tools to improve team performance
    • Overcome team conflicts and other common problems
    • Ensure your team members are fully engaged and motivated, ready to perform at their very best
  • And More!

Professional Team Building Training That Gives You the Edge

Sign up now for our Team Building courses to help you:
  • Understand the value of working as a team
  • Identify different types of teams
  • Build teamwork by recognizing and tapping into the characteristics of an effective team
  • Promote trust and understanding by exploring your team player style
  • Engage in open communication and promote clear roles and assignments
  • Impart key elements to your team that will move it from involvement to empowerment
  • Develop strategies for handling team conflict and other common problems
  • Understand how action planning and analysis tools can help your team perform better
  • Develop team norms, ground rules, and team contracts
  • Identify your team player style and how it can be used effectively with your own team
  • Build team trust and morale
  • Identify the stages of team development and how to help a team move through them
  • Identify ways that team members can be involved and grow in a team setting
  • And so much more…

Why You Need It

Team building is central to the success of an organization, but also to the morale and well-being of its personnel. You need your organization to grow and prosper from a solid foundation of team players who will develop and grow along with you. Whatever your organization’s goals may be, teams are the basic unit that supports them. Apply the techniques covered in these courses to increase the enthusiasm and motivation of your team, improve your problem-solving skills, and work better together.

  • Have a hard time managing goals and motivating team members?
  • Struggling to build a strong, trusting team spirit?
  • Wish you could develop more strategies to deal with team conflicts or other problems?
Our Team Building training is the perfect solution. With it, you can cultivate the right atmosphere to produce and develop trust, enthusiasm, and success built on strong teams.

Available With These Courses

Your course comes with the following

Printed Manual

A printed and bound paper manual for use during your class and future reference
Order the following add-ons for your session

Custom Manual

Purchase the customization option and receive a custom manual with objectives you’ve selected from our different courses

How You’ll Learn

In private classes, or in groups, you’ll learn from experienced, friendly facilitators who know how to make you feel comfortable in your learning environment.

Private group classes provide a more cost effective way to train multiple participants in the same organization with the training optimized to focus on the topics you specifically need.

These classes can be conveniently delivered right at your location, saving you the trouble of travelling offsite.

Why You Should Learn With Us!

JN Software Consulting is patient and reliable. We offer private training and consulting services to address your team building needs. We’ve got the experience and the passion to help you learn at your own pace and convenience. We can help you customize your course with very little difficulty and with very competitive pricing.

Contact us today to book your worry-free Team Building training. Working with us is easy!

Tailor or Customize Your Course

We can also provide customized Team Building training to suit your specific requirements. You can customize your courses and outlines, and have us write a custom manual for you. We can build a course especially suited to you. Let us know what you want and we’ll work with you to develop the courses you’d like.
  • Share details about your training needs so we can tailor your class
  • Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators
  • Select the objectives you would like to focus on
  • Order custom manuals